A rethink of construction

ACAL System is at the core of the most forward-looking multi-dwelling developments.

Our new-generation modular building system combines i) an exclusive aluminum structure for superior structural integrity and longevity and ii) a building envelope with industry-leading energy performance (R-42 walls, R-50 floor, R-70 roof, triple glazing) and high acoustic insulation.

Modules are delivered, assembled on site, where a general contractor will complete the scope of your project (foundations, electrical, plumbing, ventilation, finishing).

Our semi-industrial approach substantially reduces construction time, while offering you a superior product with unrivalled value.

Proven by experience

For over 16 years, the ACAL System’s team has been an innovator in modular high-performance construction.

We have completed over 200 LEED-certified projects across Canada.

Our new proprietary designs pushed innovation farther and deliver even greater thermal and structural efficiencies. ACAL System focuses exclusively on multi-dwelling buildings.

Our processes have been tested, optimized, and proven. Our construction system results from our experience and a continuous quest for improvement.

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